Mage: Gods & Monsters is nearly out

Kickstarter backers already have their hands on the pre-eratta, not-quite-final-but-pretty-close version. Last I’d heard, the print on demand proof was on its way to Onyx Path, making it damn close to coming out.

Gods & Monsters is a book of folkloric deities and creatures from around the world, written by people of those cultures. We had a voudoun practitioner writing the loas. An Indigenous American writing Indigenous culture. Being Asian & Pacific Islander, I handled those. Because of that, Gods & Monsters is probably the first major RPG book to include Ryukyuan folklore.

As a taste of the book, here’s an image from my Japanese section, depicting oni, tengu, hulijing, inugami, and tanuki. Art by Ron Spencer.

I used Mandarin names for some animal spirits, like the hulijing/kitsune, to help remind folks that some of the creatures are found across Eastern Asia … and to bitch about Japanese names for animal spirits being mostly unhelpful. Kitsune is Japanese for both foxes AND fox spirits, making the word ambiguous. Ambiguity is pretty common for the Japanese language in general, so Japanese speakers are trained to pick up on context clues. Everyone else is kind of left in the dust, hence my preference for Mandarin names of some yokai/yaoguai.

Deadly Disks Is Available!

Deadly Disks is a “TRON: Deadly Discs” tribute created as an entry for IEEE GamesSig 2018 by Brandon Cluff and Hiromi Cota.

Ghost Friends Entertainment, re-envisions Intellivision classic as a frenetic 4-player deathmatch, with discs flying almost as fast as the derezed pixels of your opponents!

Adding a twist on the original, grabbing the Overclock Orb grants you more points for every enemy you defeat, but it also makes you a target for everyone else.


Created as part of the IEEE GameSig Intellivision Contest.

Available now for Windows and Mac! 

Player 1 nails their opponent with a deadly disk

Player 1 derezes Player 2