Hiromi frequently tells stories through writing, with credits ranging from short stories to fantasy rock operas.

Short Stories

ReleasedTitleGenreCollected In
2019Good Guy With a GunHorrorUnnerving
2020Inside the Blue CircleQueer FantasyTrinity Anthology — January
2020TransmissionQueer Science FictionTrinity Anthology — February
2020Dead ShiftSupernatural HorrorTrinity Anthology — March
2020Theory & PraxisExperimental FantasyTrinity Anthology — April
2020Be Fae! Do Crimes!Urban FantasyTrinity Anthology — May
2020Queer 101Experimental Queer FictionTrinity Anthology — June
2020The DimFantasyTrinity Anthology — July
2020The LightHopepunkTrinity Anthology — August
2020The Incident at Mason Ridge ValleySupernatural WesternTrinity Anthology — September
2020Mad Tea PartyPostmodern FantasyTrinity Anthology — October
2020Polyphemus' Bad DayDeconstructionist MythologyTrinity Anthology —November
2020Want Some T?Queer FictionTrinity Anthology — December
Coming SoonHi, RobotQueer Science FictionBi Robot

Novels and Scripts

2020MomotaroFantasy Short FilmWriter
UnreleasedChronicles of Pentar (10 episodes)Audio DramaStaff Writer
UnreleasedAeterno Elementum: The JourneyRock OperaStaff Writer
2012Jude the ObscureStageplay (adapted from a novel)Co-writer