Unnerving Monstrosity: Twelve Stories for a Monthly Dose of Shivers

A 2019 Blue Forge Press Horror Anthology
Hiromi’s Roles: Staff Writer

Unsettling. Disquieting. Unnerving. This annual collection from Blue Forge Press gathers thirteen stories — a story for each month of the year plus one — from diverse, thought-provoking authors unafraid to to provoke, rivet and challenge mature readers. Explore the disconcerting with stories from Maxwell DiMarco, Timber Philips, J.W. Capek, Marshall Miller, Bree Indigo, Jennifer DiMarco, Carrie Avery Moriarty, Eliza Loeb, Hiromi Cota, Kristie Gronberg, Angela Faro, Lauren Patzer, and David Mecklenburg.

Warning: This book is intended for mature audiences and these stories are purposefully meant to unsettle the reader. Some stories may include attempted sexual assault, cannibalism, fanaticism, gore, violence or other dark themes. If one month’s story is too much, skip that month. While the editor and Blue Forge Press have selected and edited each of these stories, ultimately you are responsible for curating what you read.

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