Trinity: April

A 2020 Fiction Anthology for Blue Forge Press
Hiromi’s Roles: Contributing Writer

This is the April edition of the Trinity Anthology. 


Originally conceived as an exploration of gender, Blue Forge Press gathered three male authors, three female authors, and three authors who identify as nonbinary, and gave them a monthly writing prompt. But as the stories arrived over the course of a year, truths emerged and a new, more authentic trinity was discovered.

These nine authors are radically different in terms of style, personal ideologies, socio-economic status, political views, race, sexuality, religion—the list continues. Rarely have more diverse authors come together to create a single body of work so inclusive and enlightening. Whether brand new and just beginning their writing careers or established veterans in the industry, each author was given the same deadline and the same prompt—what they each did with those guidelines was entirely up to them.

Blue Forge Press found that gender was far more fluid than expected—even for our most conservative authors. And that the true creative trinity was not to be found inside us or our bodies, but in the creative process itself. Even given the same prompt, sometimes the authors would explore similar ideas only to arrive at divergent revelations. The most valuable gift we could give would be to present these stories to you—the reader—as raw and unaltered as possible. Not polished and made perfect by our editors. Not made easy to embrace but left untamed and worth wrangling.

We began with authors. Every month they crafted new stories. And now you will complete the trinity.

Published by Blue Forge Press.