Dark Eras 2: Rise of the Last Imperials

A 2020 Roleplaying Game Sourcebook for Hunter: The Vigil and Mummy: The Curse from Onyx Path Publishing
Hiromi’s Roles: Co-Author
System: Storyteller

The last Imperial Dynasty, the Qing, was established by Nurhaci following the takeover of Beijing. Masters of northern China, the powerful Great Qing successfully usurped weakened Ming rulers, but their rule was marked by their treatment of the Han Chinese. 

Despite this, the Shunzhi Emperor, assisted by his co-regents Dorgon and Jirgalang, began to preserve centuries of Chinese arts and literature while searching for mummies rumored to be active in the area. 

Caught between the present and the distant past, mummies clash with rival Arisen, sweeping Han Chinese hunters into their wake who must face many threats to uphold the Vigil. 

Though the Created seek to protect the wonders like a mother would a child, the Gentry have their own reasons for safeguarding them. 

Requires the use of the Hunter: the Vigil Second Edition Rulebook and Mummy: the Curse Second Edition Rulebook.