Mage Made Easy: Advice from That Damn Mage Guy

A 2020 Roleplaying Game Sourcebook for Mage: the Ascension from Satyros Phil Brucato
Hiromi’s Roles: Consultant
System: Storyteller
Accolades: Gold Best Seller

Mage? Made EASY?

For almost 30 years, Mage: The Ascension has delighted some and confounded others. With a scale that ranges from intimate to epic, this “game of infinite possibilities” offers countless rules, endless options, and a metaplot which challenges all but the most dedicated gamers.

Until now…

Keep, Change, Toss

Written by Satyros Phil Brucato – longtime author, designer, and co-creator of the line – Mage Made Easy features a toolbox of suggestions that allow would-be Mage players to strip down the metaplot and rules. These suggestions include:

Simplified rules for the coincidental /vulgar casting axis

Options for streamlining Paradox effects

15 Arcane Approaches

13 metaplot-neutral chronicle concepts

Story hooks, a Seekings checklist, focus over Spheres, and more…