Titanomachy (A Collection of Threats for Scion Second Edition)

A 2020 Roleplaying Game Core Book for Scion, from Onyx Path Publishing
Hiromi’s Roles: Staff writer
System: Storypath

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The second war against the Gods fast approaches. 
Are you prepared?

Scion: Titanomachy has everything a Storyguide needs to bring the Second Titanomachy — a phase in the eternal cold war against the Gods — to their Scion Second Edition games.

It presents new threats from the Titans to their servants, plus their fell powers and Birthrights — ripe for use as antagonists or as new material for players’ characters.  It also provides adventure hooks to springboard Storyguides into the action. 

Scion: Origin and Scion: Hero are required to use this book. 

This book includes:

  • Titans for each of the core pantheons, to be used as enemies or strange allies. 
  • Three adventure hooks to help Storyguides run epic games involving the Second Titanomachy.
  • Dozens of all-new antagonists from enemy Scions to fearsome monsters. 
  • New, Titan-themed Birthrights and Knacks for players to discover and use.