Tales of Resistance: A Year of Stories

A 2021 Short Fiction Anthology from Blue Forge Press
Hiromi’s Roles: Author

Cota’s best stories of the year.

In 2019, Blue Forge Press selected nine authors and sent them monthly writing prompts for one year. They were radically diverse people in terms of experience, style, ideology, class, politics, race, sexuality, and religion, but they all gave a year of their creative lives to craft their best work.

From supernatural Westerns to transhumanist science fiction to postmodern literary deconstruction, Hiromi Cota’s stories take readers on a journey to over a dozen worlds through nearly as many genres. Cota’s relentlessly queer fiction explores the meanings of life and justice for marginalized people in settings both brighter and bleaker than our own Earth.

Blue Forge Press used a light editorial hand to allow the writer’s voice to be heard in its original state: Undiluted, unaltered, and raw.

Tales of Resistance collects all twelve stories written by Hiromi Cota plus an extensive interview and a thirteenth bonus story written in 2020.

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Published by Blue Forge Press.