@ and & (At and And)

A 2021 Queer Fiction Novella from Blue Forge Press
Hiromi’s Roles: Author

Get hooked in a flash! This pocket-size book is an homage to dime novels of the past and is designed to get you hooked on a story—in a flash! Find the next installment at www.BlueForgePress.com

Gender-fluid sorcerers @ (aka N@alie and M@) and & (aka Cass&ra and Alex&er) live on the 1½ floor (which might not exist) above a Bronx bodega. Not only is their squat barely legal and physically impossible, it just sprouted a window that shows the future. When @ and & foresee an invisible monster murdering another wizard, they only have twenty-two hours to learn who the victim will be and prevent his death.