Zeus! We Just Wanna Talk!

A 2021 Roleplaying Game Adventure for Scion 2e from Onyx Path Publishing
Hiromi’s Roles: Author, Scion Creative Lead
Accolades: Gold Best Seller

Zeus! We Just Wanna Talk! is a lighthearted scenario providing an inciting event to bring Hero-level Scions together into a Band. It can kick off a chronicle or simply be a fun one-shot. Existing Bands can also enjoy the scenario with minor modifications.

Just like “we just wanna talk” can change meaning depending on how it’s said, this adventure’s goal can shift depending on what tack the characters choose, from a dark tale of vengeance to a slapstick comedy to an earnest attempt to talk Zeus into mending his ways. Regardless of what the Scions aim to do, they’ll have their work cut out for them. Zeus didn’t survive thousands of years with as many enemies as he has through luck alone.

Over the course of the scenario, the characters meet each other as strangers in an escape room. When the activity becomes deadly serious, they learn that they’re all Scions, with at least one common foe. They track down Hera, who provides them the means and opportunity to confront Zeus in a bar. The Scions sneak into the bar and come face to face with the Sky Father, forever changing their fates.