Unnerving 3: Twelve Unsettling Stories Plus One

A 2021 Short Story Anthology from Blue Forge Press
Hiromi’s Roles: Contributing Writer


This third annual collection from Blue Forge Press gathers thirteen stories—a story for each month of the year plus one—from diverse, thought-provoking authors unafraid to provoke, rivet and challenge brave readers.

Explore the disconcerting with stories from Lauri Boren, Hiromi Cota, J.W. Capek, Jennifer DiMarco, Maxwell DiMarco, Bree Indigo, C.M. Kane, Michelle Lee, David Martyn, David Mecklenburg, Susan Nordman, Lauren Patzer, and James Lowell Snyder.

Please note that the Unnerving stories include dark themes intended for mature audiences only. Please read responsibly.