Morra Cinematic Gaming System

A 2021 Roleplaying Game Core Book for Morra Cinematic Gaming from Mighty Narwhal Production
Hiromi’s Roles: Guest Writer

Casting Call!

The Morra Cinematic Game System puts you in the Director’s chair, or even in front of the camera, to roleplay on the silver screen. You and your friends take the roles of your favorite heroes, villains, and sidekicks.

With Morra, you can adventure in any world: from 
post-apocalyptic survival horror to procedural mystery dramas where you race against time to find the killer. You can adapt any of your favorite movies and TV series, use one of the worlds provided, or create a whole new Genre of your own.

Set the Rating and tone, give your players a safety net to keep everyone comfortable, and then take a trip to the (movie) theater of the mind. Morra’s streamlined core rules run smoothly for a small tabletop cast all the way up to a LARP with dozens of players.

Lights! Camera! Action! Now you’re the star.