Modern AGE Missions: Flight 1701

A 2021 Roleplaying Game Adventure for Modern AGE from Green Ronin Publishing
Hiromi’s Roles: Author
Accolades: Copper Best Seller

“Mayday, Mayday!”

A routine flight turns into a challenge to survive and humanity’s first contact with extraterrestrial life, as the plane somehow crashes on another world. The passengers and crew must work together to discover what happened, represent all humans while struggling to communicate with an alien people, and figure out a way to get back home. The decisions they make may alter the course of human civilization forever. Flight 1701 is a new adventure for the Modern AGE roleplaying game, designed to be suitable for characters between levels 5-8, showcasing Modern AGE in a low-tech science fiction genre. It provides multiple paths for the Game Master to follow, allowing it to stand on its own or fit into a larger campaign.

Flight 1701 is an adventure for Modern AGE characters levels 5 to 8, with rules to play in any Mode and multiple options for its central mystery, so Game Masters can adapt it to science fiction adventure to action adventure or even survival horror campaigns.