They Came From CLASSIFIED!

A 2024 Roleplaying Game Core Book from Onyx Path Publishing
Hiromi’s Roles: Contributing Writer
System: Storypath

Listen up, agent. We’ve secured firm intelligence that agents of SMERSH, PHANTOM, STENCH, and similarly inclined villainous alphabet groups intend to execute some damned rotten deeds from all corners of the globe, and it’s up to stalwart, queen and country types like you to stop them!

We’ll be outfitting you with a top-of-the-line Aston Martin (with machine guns just above the headlights), the finest in Italian suits (with knockout gas in the lapel button), a pen that goes “bang,” then sending you into enemy territory to clean these blighters’ clocks!

Your plane leaves in an hour. Time enough for a martini or cup of tea, wouldn’t you say? I prefer mine stirred counter-clockwise.    

They Came from [CLASSIFIED]! is the latest in the They Came From… line of tabletop roleplaying games. [CLASSIFIED]! sees characters ranging from talented adventurers and agency quartermasters, to dashing spies and sexy provocateurs, embracing all the excitement, gadgets, and mayhem of the spy movies and detective TV shows prevalent from the 1960s onward. Whether you’re a Moore-era Bond fan, an aficionado of John Steed and Emma Peel’s adventures, or an Austin Powers-esque swinging cat, [CLASSIFIED]! has everything you need for a groovy, espionage-filled story.

They Came from [CLASSIFIED]! uses the Storypath System, which is contain in full in the pages of this book.