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Hiromi helps create tabletop roleplaying books, with numerous credits, including the best-selling Mage: Gods & Monsters.

2019MageBook of the FallenConsultant
2019MageGods & MonstersWriter
2019CapersCovertCultural Consultant
Coming SoonChronicles of DarknessDark Eras 2Writer
Coming SoonMageTechnocracy ReloadedWriter
Coming SoonScionDragonWriter
Coming SoonScionTitanomachyWriter
Coming SoonMorra Cinematic Game SystemCoreGuest Writer
In DevelopmentMageVictorian MageWriter
In DevelopmentFifth Season RoleplayCoreWriter
In DevelopmentTrinity ContinuumAdventure!Writer
In DevelopmentEldritch CenturyCoreWriter