Capers: Covert

A 2019 Roleplaying Game Sourcebook for Capers from Nerdburger Games
Hiromi’s Roles: Cultural Consultant
System: Capers


It’s the 1960s and the Cold War rages. Diabolical super-villains implement plans for market, corporate, and global domination. Scientists craft gadgets to help sexy super-spies battle these villains. You are one of these super-villains or super-spies clashing in exciting and exotic locales…and you have super-powers!

Player/GM Supplement

This is a supplement for the BAMFsie Award-Winning CAPERS RPG. It provides a plethora of new character options, GM tools, and an alternative 1960s setting filled with daring spies, power-hungry villains, cool gadgets, and hot cars.