They Came From the Cyclops’s Cave!

A 2024 Roleplaying Game Core Book from Onyx Path Publishing
Hiromi’s Roles: Contributing Writer
System: Storypath

I see you approach my campfire equipped in gleaming armor and brandishing a sword blessed by the gods. This is good. It shows you take your quest seriously, albeit naively.

Oh yes, I’ve seen your kind before. Even given a few of you sage advice before sending you on your journeys up mountains, across seas, and into swamps. I can tell you this: Your armor will not shine overlong, and you will find wits and the aid of trustworthy companions far more reliable than a simple blade.

Ah, but you do not wish to hear this kind of counsel… You want to know how to slay the gorgon, how to steal the minotaur’s treasure, how to make the sorcerer’s tower fall…

Well, settle in, my new friend. Throw me a gold coin, and I’ll tell you how to strike down your intended foe, if you get that far. 

They Came from the Cyclops’s Cave! is the latest in the They Came From… line of tabletop roleplaying games. Cyclops’s Cave! sees characters ranging from heroic swordsmen and cunning sorceresses to charming minstrels and agile scoundrels, embarking on quests designed to evoke the majesty of fantasy movies and television shows from the 1940s onward. Whether you’re looking to channel an epic like The Thief of Bagdad or grim fantasy such as The Sword and the Sorcerer, Cyclops’s Cave! has everything you need for swashbuckling, noble heroism, and monster slaying.

They Came from the Cyclops’s Cave! uses the Storypath System, which is contain in full in the pages of this book.