Realms of Magic and Mystery

(A Terra Incognita Sourcebook for Scion Second Edition)

A 2023 Roleplaying Game Sourcebook for Scion from Onyx Path Publishing
Hiromi’s Roles: Staff Writer & Line Developer
System: Storypath

A Wealth of Terra Incognita to visit

Realms of Magic & Mystery expands the setting of Scion Second Edition with details about 28 new Terra Incognita, six new Axes Mundi, and a wealth of additional information about otherworlds and how to use them in your series.

Realms of Magic & Mystery requires Scion: Origin and is compatible with all of the other Scion Second Edition books. Inside, you will find:

  • Expanded information about several Underworlds, including Elysium, Mictlán, Valhalla, and Yomi
  • More than 20 entirely new otherworlds, including 10 strange places, eight Midrealms, and several new Overworlds and Underworlds.
  • Advice to Storyguides for creating new otherworlds, including step-by-step instructions for creating them.
  • New Boons, Callings, Knacks, and Relics that are either associated with the various realms in this book or that help characters interact with and travel between realms.

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